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 Garage Safety Tips

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PostSubject: Garage Safety Tips   Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:05 pm

Garage Safety Tips:

Be on the lookout. The police want you to call 911 for any suspicious activity such as strangers walking in yards or between houses, the sound of glass breaking, loud banging and unfamiliar trucks or vans lingering in your alley.

Cover garage windows with opaque material so people canít see whatís inside to steal.

Treat the walk-in-door as you would a door on your home. Install a solid core or steel door with a good deadbolt lock with a one inch throw. Use a 7 Ė 10 inch strike plate secured with 3 inch screws. This is critical if your garage is attached to your home. Access to your garage can mean access to your home.

Lock your vehicle when itís in the garage. Donít leave valuables in sight in the vehicle, even CDís.

Invest in a rolling code system for your automatic garage opener or entry key pad rather than a fixed code.

Leave outdoor lights on overnight, or install photosensitive lighting that operates from dusk to dawn, mounted high enough to be out of reach.

Consider fencing the property along the alley to prevent people from cutting through your yard.
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Garage Safety Tips
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