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 Burglary Trends

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PostSubject: Burglary Trends   Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:59 pm

We wanted to send an e-mail reminding you of some burglary prevention information. We are seeing a large number of unforced entry burglaries in the Precinct. We need to make sure that we lock our buildings and secure our valuables.

The current trend seems to be a male who is walking or riding a bicycle down the alleys, carrying a backpack.

If you see anyone acting suspicious on your block, or as youíre driving around town, please call 911.

We would also like to remind residents that we need you to write down the MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER of your valuable items. Without these numbers (or an Operation ID number) it is very difficult for us to recover your property or have enough evidence to prove the burglar has your items. We enter the MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER of any stolen property into the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) computer, so any police officer in the U.S. will know itís stolen from Minneapolis if they find it. We also check local Pawn Shops using the APS (Automated Pawn System) with MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER to see if anyone is pawning stolen items. The best way to help yourself and the police department is to keep a current list of these numbers in a safe place. It only takes a few hours to go through your house writing down these numbers off your valuable items, and minutes as you purchase new items.

If you have unique items that donít have numbers (jewelry, furs, antiques, etc); photographs of any distinguishing marks or appraisals for valuables can assist us in identifying your missing items.

Remember please:

Please pass this information on to your neighbors if they do not receive these emails (copy emails including my signature and paste them into a new message rather than forwarding them). Tell your neighbors how to sign up for these alerts Ė they just send a blank email to SAFE5.3-on@ccpsafe.org.
Please let your block club members know about these events.
Be aware of your surroundings. Call 911 on any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles.
Watch for people on the street before exiting your home or vehicle.
When you get into your car, lock your doors and do not just sit in the parked vehicle.
Do not carry excessive cash, credit cards, or other items. Bring only what you need.
Write down the numbers and contact information for all your credit/debit cards so you can call and cancel them immediately if they are taken or lost. Keep this information in a safe location.
Get involved with (or start) your neighborhood Crime & Safety Committee.
Fulton Safety Committee meets the last Tuesday each month; email safety@fultonneighborhood.org for more details.
Know your Neighborhood Associations.
Armatage meets the 3rd Tuesday each month; for more details.
Fulton meets the 2nd Wednesday each month; for more details.
Kenny meets the 3rd Tuesday each month; for more details.
Lynnhurst meets the 2nd Thursday each month; for more details.
Tangletown meets the 3rd Monday each month; for more details.
Windom meets the 2nd Thursday each month; for more details.
If you have information on a crime please call the MPD Tips Line at (612) 692-8477.
If you witness a crime, try to look for this information:
People: Estimated height, weight, build, age, race, gender, distinguishing features, and clothing.
Vehicle: License plate number, make, model, year, and color.
People and vehicles: Time they came/left, and what direction they were last seen headed.
Also note if a weapon is involved.

For additional crime prevention resources please visit the City of Minneapolisís website at

Thank you,

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Burglary Trends
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